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Sample Packs

Every month we release a new collection of audio samples containing 4 melodic instruments and 2 percussive kits worth of .wav files. Map them to the sampler of your choice. If you’ve purchased Kontakt, we’ve included .nki files for you. Get our newest sample packs for free every month when you sign up for our newsletter.

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November 2018 Sample Pack

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Helping Musicians Flourish

Those three words are the foundation of 1upTunes. Starting as a humble record label at the end of 2016, 1upTunes has mentored artists by helping them find the right music career path, distributing their music, and by creating charitable campaigns. Over the years, the label has grown to include an A/V production studio and started developing tools for the musicians who show up, who have the drive, and who want to be better because they know there’s no limit to their growth.

First Steps Bundle

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